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Esphigmenou Monastery - Μονή Εσφιγμένου



  Orthodoxy or Death  


  This sounds like a rather good motto actually ... unless of course one is defining Orthodoxy in such a way that included as "Orthodox" are only those Christians whose beliefs and practices have placed them out of Communion with the Bishops and Patriarchs of all of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem as well as Rome. The person attempting to define Christian Orthodoxy in this absurd way such that all holiness subsists only within that person himself and the members of his tiny splinter group should rather examine himself and his own motivations and state of grace.  


uec_gr_athos esphigmenou vatopedi sign  



Orthodoxy or Death



flags over Esphigmenou Monastery





  Esphigmenou Monastery from hill  





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  athos esphigmenou church courtyard  

Nice buildings. Rich tradition. And the Divine Offices, written by very different men, are read and sung here.

Let us know please if you ever meet even one holy man in this place.





King David icon painting at Esphigmenou Monastery on Holy Mount Athos   esphigmenou vatopedi